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Auto Insurance

Protection on the Roads of Bow, NH and Beyond

You can’t predict what will happen on the open road. What you can do is help protect yourself against any damage to you and your car with an auto insurance policy with the coverages you need. Our name, Allied Insurance Agency Inc. means we stand with you to ensure you receive the best protection. Whether you are at fault or not, we will be your trusted advocate and make sure you receive the protection offered through your auto policy.

How does it work?

Typical auto insurance policies are a contract between you and the insurance company. The insurance provider pays for any loss that is defined in your policy as long as you continue to pay a premium, which you can do so right here. Most auto insurance covers property, liability, and medical coverage in the event that…

  • Damage or theft occurs
  • In case you harm other drivers
  • Medical coverage is necessary to pay for treatment of injuries, rehabilitation, financial loss, and funeral expenses
Auto Insurance - Bow, NH

Additional Auto Insurance Policies

Antique Auto Insurance - Bow, NH

Antique Auto

Your classic car isn’t supposed to collect dust in your garage or driveway, it’s meant to be driven. It may have been an expensive investment but our antique auto protection policies are not. With our coverage, you’ll be riding around in more than style, but affordable protection. Now that’s something to admire.

Motorcycle Insurance - Bow, NH


While you’re zooming around town, you may want to consider a motorcycle insurance plan. It protects you against loss if your motorcycle is stolen, broken, you and/or passengers are injured, or you cause injury to others. Our team is more than happy to discuss your options and how you can potentially lower your premiums.

RV Insurance - Bow, NH

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

An RV is your temporary home on wheels. Protect this significant investment with our insurance coverage policies. We have a variety of policies that provide coverage for the worst possible situations out on the open road.

Total Loss

Total loss is when your RV is declared a complete loss, which is when you’ll receive a brand-new replacement.

Emergency Expense

Where will you sleep if your RV is damaged a long way from home? Don’t worry, we’ll help you cover the cost of overnight accommodations.

Replacement Cost

We can help you receive the compensation in case your belongings are destroyed or stolen.

Full-Timer Protection

Ready to turn your temporary home into a permanent one? Our team can grant you liability protection when your home is parked and used as your permanent residence.

To receive a free insurance review from our agents about auto, home, commercial/business, and life insurance, please call us at (603) 224-5394.

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